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does anybody know the CP 16mm RP ? Can´t see a difference to a normal 16R.

The "R" means Reflex, but what is the "P" for.

Would be happy about every information concerning this camera.

I´am also looking for a manual. Can one-side perforated 16mm material

be used in this cam?


Thanks a lot for your help!

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Yes, there is only one pulldown claw so single perf film can be used. I've never heard of the RP though. R/A would be reflex, and Audio. The only thing I could think of for the P would be "prism" but I'm about to run a google search and check.


Yeah, I didn't find anything except a camera for sale. I sent the person an e-mail about it asking what the P stood for and such.


You can get a CP16R manual from White House AV for I think 30 dollars. You should also e-mail Ken Hale, he ought to be able to tell you what the RP is, and if not Paul Hillman at Visual Products could I'm sure (my CP is being serviced at Visual Products right now, there's just something about them that I trust more than Whitehouse, and Paul Hillman worked at Whitehouse for ten or fifteen years).


I do know that some CPs can be finicky about their loops. I know I have to make my loop larger suggested in the manual for it to run smoothly through the gate. They are good, solid workhouse cameras though. I can't wait to use mine, since I never got to before I sent it off for service.

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First of all, thanks for your fast answer!!

But i´ve got one more question concerning the power supply.

Could it be possible that the external power supply runs the camera

with 12V while the internal (common battery) uses 19,2 V ?

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I'm not sure. I know Whitehouse AV sells AC adapters for like 350 dollars. And I do know that some people have run their CPs off external batteries, but since my camera doesn't have a 4 pin XLR I have no idea the answer to that question.


However, if someone else would mind coming over and posting (Matt Pacini?) about external power supplies on CP16s I think it would benefit a lot of people.


I don't understand how whenever someone brings up a CP in this forum they're lucky to get one, maybe to replies in the course of a few weeks. You would think more people in here would know about them ... huh guys? Huh! :-)

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I've never heard of a "P" model.

Mine is an "R/A"

I bought a home-made AC power supply on ebay that had problems, and my nephew the electronics genius fixed it.

Pretty clever little box, actually.

Someone gutted a battery, attached a cable to it, and an external box that is the power supply.

If you know someone who's electronics-savvy, he could probably make you one.

Get your sefl a service manual for the camera (see them on ebay every so often), and he can figure out the necessary voltage, etc.

It's not rocket science, but just make sure it's done right, since this can fry your camera!

Or you could pay the $350 Whitehouse charges.


Matt Pacini

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