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Most common filter size?

Chris Keth

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I'm going over the idea of getting together a set of common filters to hire to production I work on. Something in the realm of NDs, grads, pola, black promists perhaps. The problem I'm finding is in figuring out what size would make the most sense. 4x4 seems to small for many applications. Is 4x5.65 the most likely size for everything?

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4x4 for most spherical applications, 4x5.65 for PV-size, 4x6 for grads, and 6.6x6.6 for anything with a large front element.


Personally, I'd go for 4x4, but that's because when I was in the UK, we mainly worked with either S16 or spherical 35mm, so it could handle most of those. What is most common in LA, I have no idea (yet - moving there later this year).


Some matte boxes can handle both, like the LMB, where the 4x4 and 4x5.6 trays are the same size because the 4x4 trays have a narrower width inside the tray, but the "normal" MBs tend to be one or the other.

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