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  1. If you shot 250D under tungsten lighting you'd expect an orange image...
  2. It seems you could get those angles with a hostess tray on the door, when the camera was on the driver's door pointed inward, the driver would have to lean back out of the foreground and hold the wheel from the bottom. Then you could get the single of the passenger with something like a 35mm to 50mm lens. It doesn't look like the camera lens was in the middle of the car with a wide-angle lens.
  3. Most of the movie was shot on a 40mm anamorphic lens, which is pretty wide-angle, like a 21mm spherical in Super-35. I liked the book, it's more about the people rather than the making of the movie -- it wasn't like Rinzler's books on the making of the Star Wars movies. Occasionally it gets too cute with the Chandler-esque poetry. It becomes a picture of a type of filmmaking and story that soon corporatized Hollywood lost interest in making.
  4. I read that book two weeks ago, will be rewatching "Chinatown" soon... Yes, Ben Affleck's comments about "Armageddon" are hilarious, the whole notion that it is easier to train a driller to be an astronaut than it is to train an astronaut to drill.
  5. Me in my front yard this afternoon. I pull weeds in the morning then work on editing the next ASC Manual in the afternoon. Just went through the last decade of American Cinematographer to update a recommended reading list. My wife & I walk our basset hound Clara multiple times a day. Last night I made borscht from scratch for dinner. Am thinking of making a loaf of bread with what flour I have left. Late last night I started watching “Robin and Marian” (1976) but have to finish it tonight. I’ve been watching my blu-ray set of “Space:1999” episodes over the past two months.
  6. With film, the look, the color, etc. come from the film stock and lenses, not the camera itself.
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