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Super 8 package label info

Kevin Olmsted

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Hello all! I had recently been thinking back to the thread started by Carl Wiedemann regarding possible bad batches of Super 8 cartridges. I also recently had a 'bad' cartridge experience, though I think my experience was a fluke.


I decided to try to find the exact meaning of all the numbers on the (relatively) new package labels on the Kodak Super 8 carts. So I called and emailed various numbers and addresses I found on their site until after leaving a message with one of the numbers, I got a call back from a one DeWitt Davis. He graciously answered as many of my questions as he could; I think he was more of a rep than someone involved in actual production.


This information may be common knowledge to some folks here, but I thought I'd post all the information I was given for anyone who may not know or is interested.


On the bottom row of the label, obviously the first set of numbers is the film type. The next number to the right is the emulsion code. The next two-part number set is the roll and the part number. And of course the last number is the slit number.


The rep explained that the film starts on 4ft X 6000ft rolls. That's the roll number. The roll is cut into smaller parts, hence the part number. Then the parts are slit to form the actual individual rolls of film. So the way he explained it the lower set of numbers is what they consider the 'batch' number, because that's how they would trace your rolls back to a particular batch of film.


He did not know what the upper numbers and letter (PE: etc, etc) meant. He said he would find out and call me next week to let me know.


I also asked why Kodak doesn't print expiration dates on their film anymore. He explained that Super 8 film is considered more of a professional format now, and since Kodak doesn't print expiration dates on their other pro films (16mm and 35mm) there was no need to on Super 8. I have zero 35mm and minimal 16mm experience so others could verify this better than me.


I included a picture pointing to the exact numbers I mentioned. Hope this info is useful to folks.


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Thank you very much for all the efforts and research: I learned a lot, as I new nothing about that at all! I hope you have nothing against the inclusion of this thread and your work in the pinned S8 FAQ here?


Looking forward for the call-back of your source for even more numerical enlightening ;) !

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Thank you, Michael! Maybe you can help me a bit with something...


After I uploaded the picture, I noticed that instead of my picture showing up in the window, it shows up as a link. This is one of the few forums I post on so I don't have a lot of experience with pictures, links, etc.


How can I get the pic to show up in the window so people don't have to click on the link?



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I am not sure if you are talking of either the preview function viewing or the final posted function viewing when you say that your attached picture only shows up as a hyperlink. So I talk through that stuff briefly...


When you upload the pictorial attachment and click on 'preview this post', the attachment will not show up at all.


When you click on 'post this', finalising your post and publishin it here - for which you need to logged-in to this forum, obviously - then the attachments should show up as a published picture in this thread, shown in your post window and every browser window, too, of course.


Now: People can only see the attachment as a full picture when they are logged in to this forum, i.e. if they are active or passive members.

For this crowd, the pictures in your very thread just shows up fine.


However: f you are logged-out as a forum member, or a third party reader who googled her or his way into this place, for example, then your picture will only be seen as a hyperlink.


Based on that, I believe the reason why YOU as a logged-in member just having posted this attachment here only sees it as a hyperlink is because you might have opened ciny.com and this thread to look verifyingly at your picture in a new browser window or browser tab that had you not logged-in.


If you log-in, I am pretty certain that your attachment is visible to you and any other logged-in user as a full picture.

It sure is to me :D !


Double-check all this outlined above so that we can see that there isn't a wider problem at hand (which I doubt, though...)

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