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T and I button on camera body


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Hello ewerybody,

What does mean button with two positions marked by letters T @ I on camera (Bolex H16 reflex ) body.



Hi Audrius

The T stands for Time and the I is Instantaneous used when doing Single Frame shots the time position is used in poor lighting conditions






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To clarify that a bit, the T and I positions control how the shutter operates during single frame filming.


In the I position, the shutter opens and closes instantaneously when you move the side release to the P position.


In the T position, the shutter will stay open as long as you hold the side release in the P position and closes when you let it go.


As Don said, it's useful in poor lighting conditions, and it also allows animators to work at smaller apertures for greater depth of field without having to light their miniature sets to levels that will start melting everything.


It's also great for achieving streaky/blurry effects, especially with night exteriors.

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