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NAB 2008

Illya Friedman

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Hello all,


If you are making the trip to NAB 2008 and looking for the DALSA booth, you won't find it. Like Apple and Avid we won't be exhibiting. However, you can still find DALSA equipment and/or images in several places on the show floor.


Most notably you'll find a fully functional Origin II as well as a mock-up display of the forthcoming Evolution camera in the S.Two booth (SL9208). Prototypes of Evolution are due to arrive next month in Los Angeles.


Visiting the S.Two booth you'll get to see several cool things, including an image captured with the Origin II/S.Two DFR4K and recorded out to IMAX (15-perf 65mm)!! It truly stunning. You'll also get to see the new color combination of the Evolution camera (much improved in my opinion), and of course all the cool new tools from S.Two.


I don't know all the places that our images can be seen (there are many), but in addition to S.Two they will definitely be at Iridas, Cineform, DVS, Sony's 4K theater, and during a panel discussion at the Digital Cinema Summit.


I have a limited amount of time during NAB for meetings. However, if you would like to meet me at the show please contact the LA office.




Illya Friedman


Digital Cinema Division


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