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budget wideangle adapter for switar 10mm

Bernhard Zitz

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Just an idea to get a budget wideangle adapter for the switar 10mm.


Recently I got this zenith mir-1 37mm M42 SLR-lens in a goodwill shop. The old MIR-1 version not MIR-1B or MIR-1V


Accidently the frontelement came off while taking off the filter. I realized that the front element is a minus diopter something around -9. The best part was that its screw fits the filter-mount of a switar 10mm.


I haven't shot footage yet, but in the viewfinder it looks ok, no distortions, minor vignetting in the edges of Regular16, I guess heavy vignetting in S16. The focus has to be set near minimum.


Since I'm pretty broke at the moment it'll take some time until I can perform a test. So no guaranty that it works, but if you come across a MIR-1, also a very nice and sharp lens for DSLR or mini35, you might give it a try.


cheers, Bernhard


check the picpost-5636-1210158975.jpg

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