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New 35mm Work


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Here's a 35mm short called The Rocker and the Pixie that I shot this earlier this year. The project's finally finished, so iI thought I'd share and, hopefully, get some feedback.







Well, I thought the production levels were great, cinematography really nice, I would even say great in parts (the part were the singer is walking in the field - did you find that specific place for that particular time of day?)


Acting was there as well, the singer/rocker guy I thought was particularly good, when acting shocked at the beginning - thats easier to talk than to actually act out - and I think it could get suspect very quickly, but he handled it perfectly.


It hooked me as soon as the pretty lady picked up the guitar lead and started running, a simple way of getting attention - but nonetheless equally engaging - and its a short film that I had to watch till the end, which is another plus.


Its also nice to see an idea that allows its themes to be a little ambiguous, I have watched a few shorts over the past couple of days, that dont really allow there ideas to breathe (in trying to tie everything up)


One thing I would have liked to have seen is a close up of the guitar when he strums it, I think the build up would have warranted that - having nice reflections wouldnt have gone amiss, maybe even a slow mo of the strings being plucked?


Can I ask what cameras/lenses etc? can I also please ask a rough budget?/ because I am thinking of shooting a 35mm film next year/


Overall I really enjoyed it and I hope it does really well at the festivals for you as it deserves to!





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Thanks for the kind words and notes I really appreciate it. In regards to the close up of the guitar and the strum, I agree. I shot a CU of that moment, but the director decided to cut it this way, which, ultimately is his choice. The scene in the field was shot at Topanga State Park in Los Angeles. We scouted that location and shot that particular shot at sunrise. We lucked out that morning with some fog, which really helped in bringing out the rays of sunshine. The rest of the shots for that scene were cheated and I did my best to disguise the changing sun. I shot the project on a Panavised Arri 435 with a set of Primo lenses. It was a really nice camera set up. I also used a variety of film stocks - daylight: Kodak 5205 (250D) and 5201 (50D); and tungsten: 5218 (500T) and 5217 (200T). It's difficult to say what the budget was for this project because most of the gear, film and processing were donations. We really lucked out here. I know the director still ended up paying close to 10K for food, permits, gas, production vehicles, etc. It was a fun project.




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