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A Special Special Effect

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Hi, i'm not sure you guys will be able to advice me on this one... but even if you could redirect me to another website or messageboard more appropriate that will be great.


I was wondering how to quickly and effectively have for a film the effect of a handgun being fired many times.

Is it as simple as buying a good replica, using good sound and after effects and just sliding over the empty shells and smoke? Just having the actors try to sell it with the weight after that?


Any help majorly appreciated

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hey listen it's really simple to do and there area million different ways depending on your budget, a good replica isn't always expensive, air soft guns are pretty cheap, just google air soft and you'll find what you need at a good price. The muzzle flash can be done in after effects with either flash, smoke, shell ejection or whatever you want, or you can get it threw special effects stock footage, another thing to google and buy some muzzle flashes from real guns or thirdly if you can go down to a range and do it yourself, but that's if you can, hope that helped

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Airsoft guns - specifically "green gas" guns worked great for me. I like the gas guns better than electric because you get the "blow-back" action (slide/bolt moves with each shot). You'll need to rig the magazine to "trick" the gun into thinking it is loaded. That way the action works, but you won't actually be firing anything but air. This is straight forward to do on most gas guns. Email me if you have additional questions. I have two automatic glocks and an M11 that I used in a short family video that I recently completed. Muzzle flashes were put in in post.


Here is a link to the youtube if you want to check out how it turned out (3:55 for the M11, 5:50 for the Glocks): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc-FaQObs6M


Here is a link to the model of airsoft gun that I have: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/GP-KSC-G18C-MET.htm - the slide is metal and it is very durable.

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