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    What's the best most quality efficient way of exporting footage from Adobe prem into After effects? What's the normal way of doing it? Edit your whole film then import it onto After Effects then make the final version from there? If it's a simple case of exporting and importing what file type should I export and import as to keep the quality as close to raw footage quality?
  2. I want to film a scene where the impact of two bullets has to be shown on the person getting shot. I've seen some alternative pressure methods to making impact, but I don't want to use them. Any ideas out there, either from using on set techniques or after effects to make this blunt, as realistic, minimal but stark as possible.
  3. 2 days? Arghhhh. 10 secs, 2 days? not sounding too good :(
  4. Wondering if anyone had an ideas they could throw up (in a non vomiting meant way) I'm doing a scene where a character needs to be shot. I want a quick shot of the shooter firing and then the guy getting shot to be shown reacting. Now i'm fine with the muzzle flash from the shooter end, but I want the shooting to be stark, but without severed arms flying about the place. Looking at do it yourself bullet impact stunts, i'm not too fussed and it doesn't really look like what i'm looking for. Are there any tutorials out there or any websites you can direct me too for after effects, or anyone had experience in needing to film this sort of thing? Thanks
  5. Just very quick shots though, 10 seconds of the subject with the shirt on max, although it is 4 seperate shots.
  6. Hi, I've got some footage. Not much of it is going to be used, probably about 10 seconds worth. But the subject is weaing a tear shirt design in black against the plain green of the shirt? Can I get rid of the design and change it to the green colour? Is it a matter of airbrushing each frame out? How will I go about doing this? Thanks for your help cya.
  7. yes exactly I need the fill to light up the material at the back so it's very harsh light.
  8. Hi, i'm lighting a back wall of white material. The subjects are causing shadows to be cast on the back wall. They look good. But problem is, I also want the back wall lit, so when they are lit I lose most of the shadow. I don't want to interfere with the soft skin tone i'm getting from the main lights. So do I. A) Film the scene lighting the back wall and make the shadow darker with post production effects or add another shadow altogether (is that even possible for a natural shadow look with the subject constantly moving?) B Film the scene with shadow and make the wall brighter in post, perhaps with overlapping footage, or some other way? or C) Any other option available?
  9. I'm shooting something at the moment. And I have a scene where, I have a completely white material covering the back wall. Now I want that back wall to be completely brilliantly lit, but yet I also want shadows without the subject looking like the lighting has had a harsh effect. So basically, if theres no pracitcal way of having soft skin tone with the background being seperately lit and not getting rid of the shadows, which would be the easiest and most successful looking in post? Would it be better to blast the wall with the light I need and add realistic looking shadows later on that follow the subject as he or she moves, or would be easier to keep the shadows and make the whole the back wall look like it has light shining on it on post?
  10. Yeah thanks David. It's a big block, cause it changes the shot from looking warm yet an overall dark tone, to very cold and bland.
  11. Strange thing is, if I watch the footage raw that has just been ripped it looks brighter, if I watch it through the editer or post edited copy it is a alot darker.
  12. Interesting approach.... Any links to any films that have used this approach so I can check out the results? Another general question here. Every time I capture some footage, it is quite bright on the lcd of the actual cam, and is quite bright if I play the footage raw that has been captured. But the minute I stick it into some editing software to tinker around with, it noticeably darker. This coming from the two editing packages i've used Premier Pro and Ulead VideoStudio.
  13. Hello All, thanks for any advice in advance. I'm about to film a feature with a mid level digital camcorder. As far as editing is concerned i've only been tinkering around on ulead videostudio. For this I was going to use adobe afect effects so I was planning on using adobe premier with it, would this work to my advantage interchanging the footage between programs? Also, the raw image from the cam is very sharp and clear. To make it look less "home video" I was thinking about sacrificing some quality by making the image more grainier, how would I go about this? Lastly, are there any really simple and cheap techniques or tricks I could employ to improve the overall quality of image and shot comp? Thanks Cya
  14. Hi, i'm not sure you guys will be able to advice me on this one... but even if you could redirect me to another website or messageboard more appropriate that will be great. I was wondering how to quickly and effectively have for a film the effect of a handgun being fired many times. Is it as simple as buying a good replica, using good sound and after effects and just sliding over the empty shells and smoke? Just having the actors try to sell it with the weight after that? Any help majorly appreciated
  15. Any Cinematographer enthusiasts/students, or ex-students interested in getting involved with a group project for short film making in the northwest, please message. Messages for extra details also welcome.
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