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Problem running the film, h16 reflex, please help!!!

Gergo Somogyvari

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I have an H16 reflex bolex camera since yesterday, I would be very

happy, but I have some problem running the film.

After I loaded the film, I realised when I push the record button,

not only the take up spool - motor starts to turn but also the supply

spool motor.

The effect is that the supply film starts to run down from the spool,

and make a huge kaos in the camera. Im using newer cameras usually,

and my experience that

only the take up spool should run by the engine, the supply spool

usually drag by the take up spool motor.

If i stop and control the rolling of the supply by hand, the film is running well.

Maybe my day light spool is too small? it not fill the hole entire space.

But, anyway, why this supply spool motor runing by engine? it should be run free!


I dont have the handbook for the camera.

please write me if u know the answer!


Thanks a lot

Gergo (


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Guest Billy Furnett



It?s possible I have never seen a Bolex with that feature, but of the ones I have and have seen, the supply spool doesn?t turn by motor.


Do you mean by spring motor, or electric motor?


Are you sure it is not just being turned by the film advancing to the take up spool?


Do both spools have a squared hole in their centers?


Is the hole in the supply spool damaged or like rounded out and allowing it to spin free?


Both spools should fit locked down on the squared spindles (Like a socket wrench kind of), so maybe try to reseat the supply spool on its spindle.


Are you loading it with the supply spool on top?


This is all I can think of, but here are a few links that you might like:






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It does indeed sound like the top supply reel is spinning when there is demand from the claw/take up reel. If it spins too easily and quickly it will outrun the supply needed and get jammed. What you do to fix this I am not sure Jean-Louis? Could be the reel spinning on the shaft or the shaft spinning. Make sure the film reel is seated on the square part.



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