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16mm Mitchell Camera With Tobin Motor

Herb Montes

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Been posting this at other forums and I thought I would post it here to see if there are other owners of the 16mm Mitchell. I recently acquired this 16mm Mitchell that had been modified to be used for time lapse photography. As you can see from the images the turret was removed and c-mount adapter installed to take a single c-mount lens. Also a Tobin TTL timelapse/animation motor was installed on the standard Mitchell motor mount. This means standard motors for the 16mm Mitchell can also be used. Other features of the Mitchell such as rack-over, variable shutter, critical focus/framing viewfinder and double claw film registration/movement are still present. I will be mostly using this camera to film stop motion animation. Link below is to a webpage with pictures of the camera:


16mm Mitchell Camera

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the film threading path has scared me!

out of curiosity is it easy to load?


It's not that difficult. I have two good references on the camera, The Professsional Cameraman's Handbook (4th edition) and the American Cinematographer Manual (3rd edition). Both have lots of information on the Mitchell. Haven't found much online.

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