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I am looking for Adaptor of Eclair CA-1 mount lens fit to "C" mount body.

Kazuyoshi Suzuki

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It is my first post. :blink:


I am looking for Adaptor of Eclair CA-1 mount lens fit to "C" mount body. :huh:

Please teach if you are knowing existence.





Les Bosher may be able to make you one, try him. I have never heard of such an adapter. But if anyone can make it, it'll be him.





Also, you may just be better off changing the lens mount from CA-1 to C for good. If the lens is too heavy, you may put a lot of strain on the c-mount where it could break . . .


I don't know anyone in Asia who can do it. Bernie O'Doherty in upstate NY changes lens mounts too.



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I thank for advice. :rolleyes:

I try to inquire it promptly. ;)

Thank's again!!!




Hello Kazu,

Besides the techies mentioned in the previous response (good choices), I know that Eclair used to make these adapters. They are quite rare but you should look for them on eBay regularly. And yes, if you plan on using a heavy zoom lens on a C-mount camera, think about supporting the lens with some kind of support. Also, make sure the apapter you get clears the back of your specific lens. For example, if you have one made, tell the technician what lens you want to use with it so that they make sure the back of the lens will fit in the adapter.



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