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Bright actor dark actor

Jeff Scruggs

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Hi everyone, amateur filmmaker, semi newb here, have to say love the forum, I have already gotten tons of great stuff. I have a shoot coming up soon where I am being asked to tape in a small bedroom with two actors, we want one to be lit as if morning, and the other to be in the shadows until he reveals himself by leaning into the "sunlight" coming through the window. This is a third floor room and boxing the window is not an option. After effects help can be added in post to bring it closer to what we want. But any suggestions to the placement or tricks to help contain the spill from blasting the room would be awesome. Thanks so much.

JD Scruggs

Wheaton Il

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Shooting in a small room can be a bitch when trying to get high contrast shots... the lights just bounce off all the walls ruining your chances of doing this.


Solution: Keep your barn doors as closed as possible and cover each and every wall with blacks to absorb the light.




Move into a bigger room

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