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  1. Hi everyone, amateur filmmaker, semi newb here, have to say love the forum, I have already gotten tons of great stuff. I have a shoot coming up soon where I am being asked to tape in a small bedroom with two actors, we want one to be lit as if morning, and the other to be in the shadows until he reveals himself by leaning into the "sunlight" coming through the window. This is a third floor room and boxing the window is not an option. After effects help can be added in post to bring it closer to what we want. But any suggestions to the placement or tricks to help contain the spill from blasting the room would be awesome. Thanks so much. JD Scruggs Wheaton Il
  2. Every one's posts are pretty spot on, I learned through trial and error about the light reflection from the screen when you are too close. this is what we used to actually paint a tarp from the home center. Does an ok job, kind of heavy, but we don't move it around much. Pulls agood key with the right lighting and spacing. http://www.detonationfilms.com/low_budget_...green_paint.htm
  3. Hi, Now I'm far from having a lot of experience in the field, however I did shot some footage day for night on one of my first projects. I followed the video copilot example plus any other info I could find. I kept the sky out, but was still highly displeased with the results. My findings, if your shot has any depth to it ie, deep background behind the subject, you will find that when you crush it down in post your background will still be too visible when done. If you look around at night, details and brightness fall off very quickly, and your background becomes very dark, unlike the way your footage will wind up even if you step down and nd. Your results may be different with film, but for dv, the bg did not fall off enough for me and did not look convincing enough. When the weather gets a little better here in chicago, which could be in july as its looking right now, I plan on trying something I feel will work better. Light your subject, even during the day, you almost want to blow him out, then step down to give you the exposure you want on your subject. This should cause the bg to fall off and look more realistic. It may take some work to get the lighting right without shadows, and a dolly move should make it real fun, maybe the light following on the dolly. But I feel you have to provide more light on what you want to see and let the ambient to be underexposed to appear more real. Go back and look close at the video copilot example, look at the far bg, looks too clear to me. Just my 2 cents. opinions welcome. Thanks JD
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