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Broken Viewfinder on K3

Alessandro Malfatti

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This is going to be just another depressing thread, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

My problem is the viewfinder in my K3, somehow something broke in there, some lens or mirror. You can hear it click and when I tilt the camera with the lens upwards it falls into place, if not, the image starts to move around, so either I am looking at something that's on the very edge of the picture or I'm not seeing anything at all. I could have it fixed, but it costs pretty much, so maybe there's a way of fixing it myself? I opened the monster but couldn't find how or where to open the viewfinder-tube. Maybe if I did I could fix it with some glue or something, as long as it makes viewing possible again, I don't even care for the vision adjustment. I have nothing to lose, I don't think I can be dumb enough to break it, so that fixing becomes even more expensive (right now the mechanic estimated about 800 Mexican Pesos, that's like 70 dollars).

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