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Bolex EL MK3 converted to super 16

Matthew MKIII

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Hi, I'm a cinema student. Ten months ago I bought a great camera (9000 ?) in London that has helped me to make my own filmations. Now, I need to sell this great camera.



I'm selling a Bolex EL MK3, converted into Super 16mm in Netherlands. Works great. The Bolex EL pack includes the following lenses and accesories:



-16-100mm f1.9 Kern Vario-Switar POE zoom lens, bayonet mount, lightmeter and power zoom not working, old cosmetic but good condition. This lenses can be used manually.


-Cooke Ivotal Anastigmat f 1.4. New. Excellent for Super 16 filmation.


-Schneider-Kreuznach 1:1,5/25


-Bolex Bayonet to ?c? mount adaptor, standard


-MM magazine motor, with 2-pin lead, wired for 12v or 24v as required


-Magazine (400' capacity), clean and fully working with film core adaptors


-Battery (hand made, a bit old) and charger.


-Spool (100 feet) with single perf. film to practice the loading.


-Take up spool (100 feet)


-9 x 16mm Ektachrome 7285 100 feet.


-Camera Manual



Please, send me an email to rodrihercif@gmail.com for further information.



Thanks for reading,




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