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DJ Shadow - Six Days - Shutter Angle & Frame Rate Question

John Honore

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I was watching the music video "Six Days" by DJ Shadow and had a technical question about some shots in the music video, here is the link to the music video:



From 14 seconds in the music video through 17 seconds I was wondering how they achieved that look visually. It also during 1:43-1:50 in the music video too. Is it a frame rate adjustment, a shutter change, or a combination of both?


One more question, what would the resulting image look like if you were to overcrank the camera say at 120fps with a 45 degree shutter?


Any help on how this was achieved technically is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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One of the most noticeable things in that segment is the "crossing of the axis."


As for 120fps at 45 degrees:

Just keep in mind that even at 500EI, you're looking at at least 190 Footcandles on your subject to shoot "wide open."


Although, it could make for an interesting choice, seeing as how I've never done it.

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