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  1. I am selling my Arri Alexa Plus 16x9 High Speed camera package. I am located in Los Angeles. Operating Hours: 2696 Asking Price: $25,000 Link to Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Arri%20Alexa%20Plus%20Photos Email: jhonore31@gmail.com Arri Alexa Plus Camera Body - Serial #2735 High Speed License Arri EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder Arri VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket Arri Viewfinder Cable Short Arri Viewfinder Cable Medium Arri CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle Arri HEB-1 Handle Extension Block Arri WA-1 Wedge Adapter Arri BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter Arri SP-4 Shoulder Pad Arri BAB-4 Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount AC Power Supply 3 x 32GB Sony SxS Memory Card 2 x 64GB Sony SxS Memory Card Sony USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader Lexar 2GB SD Card Swiss Tool - Large & Small Custom Hard Case
  2. I was watching the music video "Six Days" by DJ Shadow and had a technical question about some shots in the music video, here is the link to the music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZKeSNZhm18 From 14 seconds in the music video through 17 seconds I was wondering how they achieved that look visually. It also during 1:43-1:50 in the music video too. Is it a frame rate adjustment, a shutter change, or a combination of both? One more question, what would the resulting image look like if you were to overcrank the camera say at 120fps with a 45 degree shutter? Any help on how this was achieved technically is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi. I am shooting a student film on Super 16mm in a few months and we have several day scenes with a moving vehicle on a process trailer, I believe the process trailer is from shotmaker. I want to know what lighting units and diffusion you prefer to increase the overall ambience in the car. I was watching the behind the scenes of Y Tu Mama Tambien and it looked like they had a total of 2 18k HMI Par lights going through a frame of 6x6 grid cloth which was mounted on top of the hood of the car. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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