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Entry-level resume construction

Lauren Wolfe

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I have very limited experience. I worked on a music video once back in '04 for two days. It was one of the best non-paid 12hr days of my life! I was attending the Art Institute of LA back then but I left the school a quarter later due to financial reasons and I still wasn't absolutely sure what my calling was though I KNOW it has something to do with the ent. industry. Anyway, my concern is, how can I write up a resume with such limited exp? Here's what I've done and tell me if I have enough going on here:

-High school video production class (I graduated hs in 01)

-I attended a production workshop at the Museum of Television and Radio during high school

-Some video production classes in college (about 2 quaters worth)

-One weekend of working as a P.A. on a music video (they liked me but it was so long ago and I know longer have that contact info)

-And....that's it!

The last thing I did was in 04, which is a painfully long time ago. I'm just having trouble on how to construct a decent looking resume, even though I know being entry-level, employers won't be expecting much anyway, right?

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You have an interest and desire and a bit of experience and that is all you will need to get in the door. It's what you do once you're in that will determine if you make it. Call around to production companies and say you are a production PA and would gladly work on any project and see if they have anything for you.


Send me your info and I'll make a resume for you.

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