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Reversing a PL Mount LOMO

Michael Panfeld

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OK, so I have two absolutely beautiful PL mount LOMO lenses: 200mm f2.8 OKC1-200-1 and

300mm f4.0 OKC1-300-1. Both are 1987 lenses. The problem is, I want to swap it back to an OCT-19 mount. Is this something that I can do myself, say by using a OCT mount from a junker LOMO lens or by buying a mount from somebody? I ask because some LOMO lenses can be converted from OCT19 to PL at home with a simple adapter (i.e., from www.spbsale.com). If not, who can do this conversion and what are the expected costs? If it matters, I am not concerned with FFD as the mount has backfocus adjustment.



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