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ESM and handgrip questions.

Louis Li

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im looking for the battery in the handgrip that fits the ESM motor.


-varta deac 10x1000 DKZ eveready 10/BH1

is this available in hardware shops?and would they come with some kind of charger.


and regarding the ESM. could someone explain how do i work with the sync mode on the motor? is there an additional accessory for this to function.


i got the motor and the grip with the camera but have been winding it. thats been ok but im hoping to use the motor for 25fps.

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Guest Glenn Brady

I'm not sure the Varta battery is made any longer, but improved NiCd and NiMH replacements are widely available. A few of the suppliers include The Aranda Group (http://www.arandafilm.com.au/), Chambless Cine Equipment (http://www.chamblesscineequip.com/), and, sometimes, Shelton Communications (http://www.sheltoncomm.com/bolex.html). You'd need to ask the supplier about a suitable charger.


The ESM manual indicates that the motor ". . . is equipped with an electronic speed control device ensuring absolutely steady filming speeds in all circumstances. It can be equipped with a quartz + pilot sound accessory, making it possible to film with synchronous sound at speeds of 24 and 25 f.p.s." The accessories are, presumably, the crystal control unit and sync pulse equipment, which were available in a variety of models for 50 or 60 cycles and for 24 or 25 f.p.s. operation.

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