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Bolex Stop Motion

Adam Brixey

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I shot a stop-motion portion for a short last week, and the footage came back overexposed. I know the aperture was set appropriately, camera was fine for everything else I shot.


Not using an animation motor. I'll make sure the knob is set to "I" and not "T" this time. although the exposure - though blown out- was consistent with the last batch of film, so I don't think that was the problem.


Thus my question - I read something that said the single frame exposure takes everything at 1/30 sec shutter speed. Is this true - it doesn't move the shutter according to the frame rate you set?


I know that it can be a little inconsistent working off the spring and not a motor...


Thanks anyone who took the time to check out my question

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Guest Glenn Brady

You don't indicate what Bolex camera you're using (they're different), but with the speed control knob set anywhere between 18 and 64 f.p.s., the exposure control knob set to the 'T' position, and the shutter fully open on my Bolex H8 RX4, the single frame exposure is 1/30th of a second (the adapted speed, accounting for light loss to the reflex prism, is 1/40th of a second). The same single frame exposure time applies to the H16 RX4.

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Did you have the shutter on the viewfinder closed when you shot the footage? When you don't have your eye on the viewfinder stray light can get through your viewfinder and fog the film while making exposures.

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