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ACL & NPR Rod Support

Jason Hinkle RIP

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If anybody's looking for a rod support for the ACL, Seth at American Cine Spec just designed one: http://www.americancinespec.com/pages/Eclair.html Mine just showed up today and I have to say it's extremely solid. The mount plate is offset to the side so the rods sit correctly under the lens on the ACL. I tried two other "standard" rod supports and they didn't work very well on my ACL because I couldn't adjust them far enough over to work with the way lens mount is off to the left (relative to the tripod mount/hole). This one's especially cool since it's custom designed specifically for the ACL, it fits perfect & doesn't get in the way of the anatomic grip.


I talked on the phone for a while with Seth and I know he's still feeling out the market for making custom parts for Eclair cameras so if you want one I'd definitely recommend giving him a call. I know he's also made a prototype for the NPR, I'm not sure if he's selling them yet - probably based on whether anybody contacts him about it.


Here's some pictures (He cut down the rods for me, which is why these are kinda short):





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His website says the rods are for ACL 1 and 1.5 models -- do you know if they will fit an ACL 2? And apparently it attaches by screw through the hole where the camera plate attaches -- did you experience any problems with this set-up?


Seth was looking for somebody with an ACL II to measure the bottom plate so he can make a rod support for that too. From the pictures I've seen the ACL II base sticks out quite a lot further. I think if you sent him the measurements, he is interested in adding it to his product line. He makes each one by hand as I understand it.


I'm fairly used to the way it attaches to the bottom because my previous one worked like that. only difference is that this one fits the base exactly with a little lip to keep it from spinning. Unlike my previous generic one, which was thin/cheap metal and prone to coming loose (not to mention the off-center lens problem). This one is super solid and fits perfectly tight onto the base plate.

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Guest Glenn Brady

does anyone know what happened to this guy? I had a set for my ACL 1.5 a long time ago, by far the best solution for the ACL needing rods.


He has one listing at eBay currently. It's item #264012440030.

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Thanks a lot! I sent message. I will post update if i get info. I bought a set years ago for my ACL 1.5 and they were by far the nicest solution for the ACL out there. I sold that camera to get LTR long time ago and now I found another ACL at a great deal. Don't get me wrong the Aaton LTR is wonderful 16mm camera, it is quieter than ACL, has a lot more expansion options, batteries attach nicely and I would prefer it if I were shooting 400ft magazine, the mags are quieter and less leaky than the ACL 400's. However the ACL with 200ft magazine is just perfect with the original ergonomic handle.

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