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Changing lens in outdoors!

ms sojmon

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There are very few differences to changing a lens on the SI-2K than when compared to any other camera. As with any video or digital camera, the sensor and OLP filter should be kept clean, when changing lenses it is susceptible to dust and dirt, be conscious of the environment you are in before you change lens.


Also the SI-2K has the great universal mount system, one should be careful to un-tighten or tighten the correct part of the mount, failure to do so might end up with a loose lens or a broken lens!


Apart from that there are no other peculiarities. Black balances should be religious, but its not connected to lens change.


Steve Price

Digital Camera Technician


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what are the precuations take wihile changing lens in the out doors !

what is the mode of the camara ? when it is switch it off while changing lens!

need of black balance! in every changing!

Hey, just finished shooting on SI2K - mostly outdoors. We did not switch the camera off at all, just covered the chip entrance with the plastic cover, ALWAYS do the black balance after every lens switch and AFTER every turn off/on the camera. Hope this helps !

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