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"2084, The Humanoid Robot"

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Its official. I finished my novel 2084 which is inspired by the classic science fiction masterpieces "Brave New World and "1984" so now there is nothing to hold this back from production. For years I had this project on the back burner but it can't wait anymore because Ridley Scott is now backing his production of "Brave New World" which stars Leonardo Dicaprio and is about a future society where all people are hatched in incubators from test tube babies.


My novel deals with a pre Utopia world identical to our society where a misunderstood worker named Eric Blair who has trouble keeping a job decides to commit suicide by jumping off of a building rather than allowing himself to get fired. The suicide is botched and Eric ends up a cripple bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. A Doctor by the name of Doctor Margaret Fuller desperately tries to save him by the only way she does not know how and that is by turning him into a cyborg robot. She also realizes that his mind must be saved so she creates Utopia with the technology of virtual reality and Orwellian mind control.


One must realize if it is possible that an independent production operating on a shoe string budgetcan possibly compete with an Epic Ridley Scott production. All I can say is that the first airplane was built by a bunch of bicycle mechanic nobodies called the Wright Brothers.


Anyway I think everyone will be glad that from now on I will try and refrain from these endless film versus digital debates and concentrate on the real issue which is the story.

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The book is finished but not yet published and may not be published until fter the movie is completed because nobody likes to read books anymore but I can give you a quote from the book.


And Doctor Margaret Fuller said : " I get really tired of of people calling me Doctor Frakenstein and how that is so unbecomming of a Woman. You would think by the way they talk that the novel Frakenstein was written by a man when in fact it was written by a Woman. I think poor Doctor Frakenstein was misunderstood because he was a lousy plastic surgeon rather than being a truly evil man. Besides was Satanic in the 18th century is now the Christian thing to do as people are encouraged to donate their body parts when they die."


" I think the human race started out as a giant experiment in artificial itelligence. The first Adam was actually a carbon based robot synthetically created out of chemicals that only appeared natural. The experiment failed because the robotic system became aware of its synthetic nature and became ashamed. Therefore further replicants were tricked into thinking that they were natural because they were born out of a Woman. When I visited the Indian reservation and explained that they were in fact machines and that there was nothing natural about them even the bravest men started to cry and insisted that they were humans and not machines. But their emotions were only proof of the sucess of the artifical intelligence experiment"

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And Doctor Margaret Fuller said : "Some people wonder if I have a Messiah complex

when I want to use robot technology so that the lame can walk and the blind can see. But really it is more of a Robin Hood complex. For when people say that there is no funding for my robotic research that is when I tell them I would in a heartbeat steal from the rich and give to the poor. It is easy to steal money from the rich not only do I tell the rich they are going to hell with all of their money but I tell them the story of the rich fool who was offered eternal life but rejected the offer because he was so greedy. So the rich end up supporting my robotic research to benefit poor people because they do not want to make the same mistake and love the chance of becomming immortal through robotic technology."

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Is this the novel ? or the screenplay ?


Unless it is intentionally referencing sci fi cliché (?) and clunky sentence structure (in which I tire of reading anyway) you need to work on your writing Thomas.

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These are just random quotes from the novel. The novel is written but needs organization. I will skip organization and jump directly to the screenplay and then start filming. The Frankenstein cliche is definitely overused but in my book that is the fault of the Luddites that want to block the robotic technology for disabled people so I am forced to address it. Opposition also comes from the finance capitalists who refuse to pay for the robotic technology. Therefore Doctor Margaret Fuller admits a Robin Hood complex to make the rich pay for a technology that is so badly needed. Again the Robin Hood concept is overused but is a necessary concept in order to raise the question of why any humane society would allow patients to rot in a wheelchair when the technology exists to make people whole. And of course questioning the cruelty of our society raises inconvenient truths. Therefore one cannot even begin to understand the novel 2084 until I at least have an actress that can credibly play the part of Doctor Margaret Fuller accompanied by the visual imagery of a film production and even then the movie may be beyond understanding no matter how crystal clear I make it because it involves paradoxes that no rational mind can understand.


The sexual morality paradoxes are especially disturbing as Doctor Margaret Fuller subscribes to a different sexual morality than Eric Blair and even society itself. Although Eric goes along with Margaret's idea of violating her hippocratic oath as a Doctor because it does not violate Eric's moral code based on the ten commandments Eric is nevertheless shocked that Margaret refuses Eric's proposal of marriage so that he can remain faithful to his biblical morals rather than some pagan Hippocratic oath. Margaret considers marriage a savage institution of slavery and refuses to become the property of a man even though Eric would also become her property. Of course by now Eric thinks Margaret is a sex criminal not only for destroying the hippocratic oath but for destroying the institution of marriage but Margaret protests that she is rather like an angel that neither marries or is given in marriage. She defends her sexual morality because she would never allow a child to be sexually abused and would never sleep with a man without loving him with all of her heart.

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Its official. I finished my novel 2084 which is inspired by the classic science fiction masterpieces "Brave New World and "1984" so now there is nothing to hold this back from production.


Bah! I've written two complete SF novels now and I can guarantee you the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence correction are perfect, the stories are original takes on popular themes, the plots make sense, the people talk and act like real people, there are no wasted words and so on, but in ten years I've had absolutely zero response from prospective publishers.


Same story each time. I send them an email asking exactly what I need to do, I do what they say in their automated form letter, including the necessary International Reply Coupons and self-addressed reply envelopes and so on. Nothing happens. No rejection slip, nothing. Then I spend more money on overseas postage, more reply coupons etc. Still nothing. I try it again, I try emailing them, zip response.


Now I know there's nothing wrong with my writing. I've had numerous articles published in technical magazines, and apart from reducing the size sometimes, rarely are any corrections made to my grammar, spelling, punctuation and so on, and when there are, they're more often than not, WRONG! So you'd think my writing might be good enough to warrant a rejection slip at least!


My growing suspicion is that contrary to what they claim, the publishers probably never even look at a large percentage of the submissions they get, but they put those instructions on their websites to stop wannabe authors pestering them.


Anyway as far as I know, no major publishing house accepts unsolicited submissions anymore, and most reputable literary agents don't either.


There are any number of shysters out there who ask for money up front to "market" your book, but basically all they do is take your money and do squat. (There is one outfit that charges $129 a year for a really basis Web page entry that nobody seems able to access!)


Anyway I've long since wasting time on trying to get them published. I just write for the fun of it now, and I'm well into the third novel in the series.


The two complete novels are called "9:30 Thursday" and "Erin", and the third one is tentatively titled "The Worthless Generation".


If you don't believe me I can post a couple of chapters (not paragraphs) on here. :-)

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Its amazing that we write fantastic stories about future utopias where money is obsolete, everything is free and people gladly share all that they have. Yet then we expect book deals where we are paid money upfront or at least we expect to gain recognition and financial rewards after we complete our work dreaming that we are going to become the next American Idol. We fail to face the fact that only one person can become the next American Idol and that we have to audition in front of a panel of unfair facing criticisms from mortals when we believe that we have the capability to judge angels. The fact remains that the producers of the Epic "Brave New World" are looking for already established actors, directors and screen writers.


What we have to do is to transcend the notion of making money and offer our art as a free gift and that is what we believe will happen anyways in a future utopia because it will be unthinkable that a sucessfull artist will have to sell his work. Thus artists think of alternative means of support such as forming a kibbutz where everything is shared in common and employed people help out the members of the community that are unemployed but nobody is really unemployed because there is plent of work to do on the farm.

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In the first picture the pinkie needs to be rescaled to a smaller size for the sake of authenticity. Apparently the engineer thinks having all the fingers the same size gives a modular cost saving advantage however this advantage is moot with todays computer scaling technology.

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