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Frame Rate Conversion Emergency

Steven P. Denny

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I have the Varicam 27H. We shot some footage at 24fps. Now the director wants the 24fps converted to 60fps!


I think we're screwed? Though I have read many times that 720p format is always recording to a progressive 60 (59.94) frame tape format.


Is there any way to convert this 24fps to a 60fps in post?



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Is that 24fps video converted to highspeed?

Yes, but fire is a fairly friendly subject for it - if you know what artifacts to look for, you can see it warping away, but then fire is a fairly "warpy" thing anyway, so it isn't too obvious. Still, with manual guidance and really good software, you can get quite astounding results out of this sort of thing. That example was just "full auto" mode, give or take the ramp at the beginning where it originally failed badly on the rapidly-expanding early part of the explosion. It isn't hard to look around and find examples on Vimeo or Youtube of this sort of thing choking badly on certain types of motion

What I'd do is to do my edit with cheap, low-quality frame doubled versions, then get someone (can't think who you'd possibly use, ahem) to do the HQ versions with manual hinting and everything.


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