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the Sony HVR-Z1 (U) and then (E)

Guest Arni

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I have been lokking at this HVR-Z1 and they come in (U) and (E) that stands for US and Europe but if it has the the abilety to record and playback in PAL/NTSC then is ther any difrents ?

lokkin at description of the 2 the onley dif, is U= says NTSC/PAL E= PAL/NTSC





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I've got the z1u. According to the manual, only an NTSC monitor will work with this camera. I'm trying to find out if that's just for the AV out, or if the S-Video and component outputs are NTSC only as well. Maybe someone else knows?

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Okay... the manual for the Z1U says this:


"Your camcorder is an NTSC system-based camcorder. If you want to view the playback picture recorded in the DV format on a TV, it must be an NTSC system-based TV with the AUDIO/VIDEO input jack."


I'm sure the Z1E's manual has the same paragraph substituting PAL where the Z1U's manual says NTSC. Other than that, I'm not aware of any other differences. Perhaps the E version ships with a different chord for the charger/power supply?

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Guest Andrew Hall

I have a Z1p / E and can confirm it substitutes PAL for NTSC in the quote from the last post


Andrew Hall

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I am trying to find out whether or not the HVR Z1 will play back on monitors in both the NTSC and Pal no matter if it has a U,E or P in the model name. I want to buy this camera but as I shuttle betwwen New Zealand and the US having the flexibility for whatever model I buy to play back in form formats is important.

I think it should as my Sony DCR 330, a NTSC version plays back on PAL although it is not advertised as having this capability.

Anyone out there who can help out?

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