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Mix&Match EX3 with S16 footage

Jan Daube

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I have been asked to continue shooting a film that was shot on S16 (Fuji stock 1:85) with my EX3 and Letus. It is for print and Cinema projection eventually DVD. My question is: Is it possible to mix and match the two formats and if yes any suggestions on EX3 settings?





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Do you know what stop the S16 was shot at? It's only about 2/3 of a stop between the two formats, so if you can get a fast lens on the EX3 and run it 2/3 more open that the S16 was shot at it will match depth at the same field of view. Much easier that clamping a Letus on it, weight, light loss, etc. The other way around FF35 to S16 is 3 stops closed to match too.


Other than that, Cine Gamma 1 hold highlights best, turn off detail, Cine colour matrix, and grade to match it in post.

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