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Infra Red filter on Sony F-3

Yaron Harel

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Hello all,

we are going to shoot with Sony F-3 a TV drama that will shoot outdoor most of the time, we will use ARRI/Zeiss high speed T1.9 lenses and shooting a lot with height ND filters, is anyone has any experience shooting with F-3 on this conditions and is the F-3 is suffering like the Alexa and the Sony EX-1/3 from Infra-red visibility and we are have to use a Infra-Red filter?

please advice, thanks Yaron.

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Hello David,

As I thought we have to use this filter, do you have any experience with this filter? on what conditions we have to use it? in what conditions It's most effective and so on.

thank you for your answer, Yaron.

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