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Konvas 5000 Arri PL Mount For Sale

Kevin Masuda

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Hate to do it but I have to sell my Konvas 5000 Rotavision camera, rebuilt by Bruce McNaughton. It has a Arri PL mount, 1:85 ground glass, academy gate and





Ramp up and down (soft start/stop) at all speeds.

Motor parking in viewing position.

Jog (1 fps) function.

Phase shift while running.

Digital speed digital display on the operator side of camera.

Film use digital display on operator side of camera.

Start/stop button on operator side of camera.

Button selection of 24/25/30 speeds.

Thumb wheel selection of all speeds.

Run/standby lights.

Out of synch flashing warning light.

12V outlet for video.

Reverse polarity protection

Accessory outlet for remote start/stop and

remote animation/time lapse control units.

New motor housing which forms a stable flat base.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Comes with the mag you see in the pic. This camera was barely used. It's up on ebay right now for $1050 buy it now.



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