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  1. I shot the first part of a feature this way. The actors hated me and I still ended up getting maybe 3 minutes of footage for every 2 rolls of 16mm. I would not recommend doing things this way unless 1) you have an awesome storyboard and 2) your actors understand what they are getting into and are fine with it.
  2. I had no idea...that is funny actually! Fair enough, Stuart. I have become a grouch. I apologize.
  3. Well, I imagine I should alert Donald Trump of who his running mate SHOULD have been.
  4. Am only playing by the rules that Sir Stuart has set. I would prefer more diplomacy these days but I suppose I am in the minority on that front.
  5. I was a fan of the CP16r. It was a neat camera once you figured out its quirks. My bane was always the issue with the shutter not being in sync with the pull claws. I did finally (thanks to this forum actually!) learn how to overcome that problem and check it out every day before a shoot and it became just as customary as checking the gate for hair. I never could get the Mitchell mags to run as quiet as the ugly square mags that came with the camera. That was sad because I had to choose between aesthetics vs silence on the set. Silence always wins though.
  6. And we also have to be prepared to be called out for being an butt and making childish comments using words as "stupid" to refer to someone else or their ideas. No matter how intellectual one here is, there are others whose knowledge and skills far surpass ours. We should consider how we would feel if one of our betters came here and trashed our ideas to the stone age.
  7. In a time period where shaming is generally frowned upon (fat shaming, victim shaming, etc), I would hope that people do not need to have it explained to them why such demeaning talk is wrong.
  8. You are playing semantics. Let me put this another way...can you imagine a teacher telling their student that. not them, but their argument was "dumb, ignorant, or stupid?" If so, I cannot imagine this educator would last long teaching. I realize some here have an axe to grind with Tyler (myself on occasion) but resorting to demeaning terms is not the way to handle it for people who "fashion" themselves as professional.
  9. What the hell is wrong with you two? Cant you get your point across without being insulting on a personal level? I think you both show a lack of proper reasoning if you must resort to Ad Hominem attacks to prove your point. It is a sad day when discussing aspects of filmmaking leads a group of creative people to become hostile with one another. At the end of the day, who really gives a crap? Time for everyone (myself included) to calm the hell down and take a time out.
  10. David, I addressed this from Landon's similar statement. Maybe it is just the people I know who are fans of GoT but they act more like people watching a UFC event than watching a play from antiquity.
  11. Come on man, let's be intellectually honest here. There is a huge difference between "portraying" bad in the world and "glorifying" it. People who watch GoT are watching so for the same reason that the Mob of Rome liked the Gladiator Arena. Other movies may present the bad in the world but usually there is some other purpose than to appeal to the brute in us.
  12. Agreed. That is why I have no interest in GoT. The violence is a serious turn off. Anyone who denies that GoT is not appealing to the primitive part of a person is not being honest with themselves. It may be well directed with good production value but the core of the show is somewhat glorifying all that is wrong with the world.
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