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Arric 2c

Peter Char

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So it's been a while. But I have found 2 people capable of this conversion.


Les Bosher in the UK, is willing to do it.



As well as a Gentleman named Jim Meade out in LA.


(I could only find sites like this listing his info, That is the correct phone number which I used.)



FYI:Places like Visual Products and more are willing to do PL conversion but they are not equipped to do the Nikon Conversion though. I called around to a variety of places, the two gentlemen above are the only ones still capable and willing. Its a very un-sought after request. Jim Meade said the last time he did one was at least a few years ago.


The reason I found the Nikon Conversion to be desirable over a PL mount, which seems to be far more common, is the Nikon Mount can easily be adapted to fit PL lenses. But the reverse does not work. So the Nikon lens collection I currently own would be usable for 35mm work and I would be able to easily purchase/rent modern PL lenses. Any Arri Standard Mount Lenses can be PL adapted so I don't lose out on those I own either.


Personally it would give me a lot of fire power for such a simple camera. Now the costs Involved.


Your ganna be looking at $1,500 at least for the front face replacement as well as alignment and testing. (This is not a quote this is just a ball park figure I was told.) The other expense incurred is a camera disassembly fee, which would require the camera to be sent to a different person altogether to make sure all parts are clean and disassembled properly. This would run a couple hundred dollars on top of the conversion. So approx $2,000 all said and done. This is not an inexpensive venture. If I was getting more use out of my Arri I think I would do it for the flexibility and convenience. It opens a world of great glass.


Ill shoot a few shorts and commercials and maybe I can balance out the viability v. cost.

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