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  1. Hi Steve, I use Dark Energy for AE, and find it superb for film, it's a tad on the pricey side, but well worth it IMO http://darkenergyforaftereffects.com/ Cheers, Sean
  2. Shaw Bros Studios / Lab HK (cheap, good and fast).. and close to Australia.. and the nicest people to deal with...! http://www.shawstudios.hk/
  3. Hi, I use to own a super16 Kinor, Les Bosher in the UK did the mod, also Bruce @ Aranda Film also does super16 conversions Cheers Sean
  4. Sent a test roll of expired Fuji to Shaw Bros for processing and telecine, at a " very unbeatable price " :) .. below some screen grabs from the 10bit QT Uncompressed. Service was great no issues..sent over a small portable firewire 800 drive.
  5. Sending some 35mm film to HK (Shaw Bros) in the next two weeks, very cheap price and good email response time, will let you all know how it all goes in the end. Cheers Sean
  6. Lucky's gone too :( http://english.cntv.cn/program/newsupdate/20120910/106503.shtml ah all this dead film talk makes me sick in the stomach...
  7. Hi Paul, apart from labs in Australia, I've found Shaw Bros and Mandarin Film Labs in HK pretty good, PM me if you want contact emails, and with the exchange rate it works out pretty cheap, I know the tk rate at Shaw was pretty good. Cheers
  8. That was my exact thoughts too, bit like a steenbeck, I've seen medical x-ray viewing machines very similar to this as well Cheers Sean
  9. Haha i feel your pain, that's why I purchased an old jk optical printer, I got sick of paying stupid fees to go to hd tape then back to QuickTime files and so on etc.. Cheers Sean
  10. Hi Frank, Thanks for the detailed info, do you know roughly how much this camera sells for? I've tried to google but my searches reveal POA.. Ideally in a perfect world I'd love to do Super16 neg and S8 on the side. I have a small bm resolve setup so if I could colour in that app from the files from the camera that would be Stella. Cheers Sean
  11. Sean Morris

    Arric 2c

    Contact Bruce McNaughton at Aranda Film in Melbourne
  12. Hi all, This thread has been a good read.. Recently i picked up a 2nd hand jk optical printer with 16/35 gates, I've been looking at the vast array of machine cameras on the market, and it's quite a headache, specs are hard to find and prices are staggering... I feel this rabbit hole has no end. I've thought about a continuous light source but noticed all the frame by frame scanners on the market use a strobe style light source.. Thoughts? Cheers, Sean
  13. Agree, Bruce is a god, a true master craftsman Cheers SM
  14. For future reference you can try Gspot, http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ and find out what codec you might require, it might be a blackmagic codec, which you can download for free, hope this helps Cheers Sean
  15. I love Edward Yang style, I think he is one of the best directors in Asia, also like Tsai Ming-liang - "Good Bye, Dragon Inn' & Yang Li "Blind Shaft" , "Blind Mountain" Zhang Yimou "The Road Home" Jia Zhang-Ke "The World", Fruit Chan...I could go on for day's ..superb cinema Cheers Sean
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