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Cloning Technique

Joel Humphries

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The insert of the phone is too long.


The double insert of the phone is unneeded.


The shot of guy in the bed is very flatly lit and looks boring in comparison to the nicely lit shot of the guy in the chair. Also the color balance seems off for the bed shot.


The first shot of the door is distracting as it is shaky. Also that it is at a different level as compared to when you cut back to it is shocking and pulls the audience out of the story.


Also dutch angles work far better when they move into an angle during the shot rather than cutting into it and out of it. It calls attention to itself unnecessarily.


The POV/reverses needs to be tripoded and not handheld. Another option that would be less visually painful in the editing would be to hold longer on him in the first shot, and then show all the messes in a row without cutting back to him.


The shots of the two in front of the window desperately needs a fill light. We cannot see the faces of the characters and thus lose all the impact of their interactions and the visual effect.



Hope this helps. Keep filming.

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