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  1. Okay, agreeing with the comment that most of this was Pre Production and Art Design. But as far as actually getting the look in Color Correction is easy. Though you could also do something mostly similar by lighting to a daylight balance and shooting at a tungsten balance. I would open 3-way color corrector (assuming you do not have additional plug-ins such as Magic Bullet: Mojo, Looks, or Colorista) and drag the highlights and midtones wheels fairly deep into the blues. Also there seems to be a touch or desaturation in just the mid tones. Hope this helps and report back with your results.
  2. The insert of the phone is too long. The double insert of the phone is unneeded. The shot of guy in the bed is very flatly lit and looks boring in comparison to the nicely lit shot of the guy in the chair. Also the color balance seems off for the bed shot. The first shot of the door is distracting as it is shaky. Also that it is at a different level as compared to when you cut back to it is shocking and pulls the audience out of the story. Also dutch angles work far better when they move into an angle during the shot rather than cutting into it and out of it. It calls attention to itself unnecessarily. The POV/reverses needs to be tripoded and not handheld. Another option that would be less visually painful in the editing would be to hold longer on him in the first shot, and then show all the messes in a row without cutting back to him. The shots of the two in front of the window desperately needs a fill light. We cannot see the faces of the characters and thus lose all the impact of their interactions and the visual effect. Hope this helps. Keep filming.
  3. A point already made is the shakiness is the first two shots. If they couldn't be stabilized or slowed down enough to look smooth, they ought to be cut or reshot as they don't fit the feel of the rest of it. I think a point that could be improved upon is the direction of the lighting. The male's shadow falling all over her face is bad, and very distraction. It also makes her lighting very flat. I'd like to see it with their key lighting coming in from the side for both of them. Also I'd prefer to see a softer key light as his crisp shadow on the wall was very distracting.
  4. Your welcome. Hopefully it helps in some way. Keep filming and don't stop. The things that make us better is experience. Get it however you can. Even if you are doing for yourself.
  5. Good job with color correction. Editing seems solid if not a little over done with the "cut back replays" but I'd have to watch it again with sound to see if its to match the beat/feel of the music. My main critic would be a lack of what is important. A car video is often watched for one thing, what someone would like to do with it, but can't. We can all admire a car, but not everyone can abuse and enjoy a car. That is why the Gymkahana videos are superbly popular. Though I understand that not all of use can find a car/driver that we can film, without it I would abbreviate the length of the video since there is no "payoff." Good use of a slider, though there are some "boring shots" such as push ins on the tailpipe and steering wheel. If this is a "glory" shoot, these are rarely "sexy" parts of a car and should rarely be used unless they are exceptional sculpted. Although there is some very noticeable shake in many of the shots using the slider. I'd suggest a stabilization, or reviewing shots on set to see when you have a shot that has unacceptable or uncorrectable amount of shake. Hopefully this helps and I hope this helps you produce even better works in the future.
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