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Some questions on Lomo Squarefront anamorphics

Thanavorakit K

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Just got some squarefront anamorphics today. One of them is 35HAC10-3 squarefront and OKC8-35-1. Now I'm confused how this couple is going to be working.



It appears there is some kind of lock between the OKC8-35-1 and its squarefront



They seem to be connected just fine.



However, there is no lock on the top part. Is this how it was designed or I missed something here?






Any suggestion?

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[The front portion of the lens fits on to the back portion ( the piece with the lens mount) in a counter-clockwise direction. Be patient and you will find the starting point by feel. Slowly turn the rear portion onto the back of the front portion until you feel it lock, then tighten the ring on the rear portion in a counter-clockwise direction.

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Yes, it's hard to explain, but you're holding one ring and turning the other. The one ring holds it in the right position on the lens front section, and then the other ring twists against the first ring in the opposite direction. It's all so counter-intutive. It's like one of those puzzles you see in bookstores !! Be patient, and common-sense and your brain will prevail !


Cheers and good luck.

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I'm in doubts that this will work. Front attachment has a focus ring only, nothing else to tight. Rear spherical lens has focus and aperture ring. No third ring to tight. Also, manual of similar NAS4 attachment says nothing about locking capability - just focus coupling and necessity to put the attachment onto dovetail support.

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