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  1. It is quite common, but not popular. Krasnogosk-3 seems to be best of Russian 16mm cameras.
  2. Produced in 1966-1971, quantity is unknown.
  3. 1. Yes. 2. Because kit zoom has correct FFD (flange focal distance) for this camera. To focus C-mount lens to infinity on an M42 camera you need to insert this lens about 28mm deep into the camera that is just impossible for reflex cameras, and useless for non-reflex ones since you'll lose access to lens control rings. 3. Yes, due to long FFD of M42 mount specification you are very limited in lens mount choice. T2 lenses (M42x0.75) will work fine with corresponding adapter though. So, you may use M42 and T2 lenses easily, and there are literally hundreds different lenses available in these mounts. So, you'll be able to find all what you need without going to C-mount.
  4. Hi, Antonio! K3 (M42 vesion) has standard 45.46 mm FFD. C-mount has 17.52 mm FFD. This means that C-mount lens will work at very close distances (few centimeters) from object only, without any chance to focus to infinity or even a portrait. FFD isn't related to a crop factor (depending on sensor/frame size). Thanks. Raf.
  5. I started to make them too :-) http://rafcamera.com/lens-and-port-caps/rear-lens-cap-arri-pl-positive-lock-abs-plastic or, if you need pack of 6 caps, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=141001585807 PM me, please, for orders or quantity discounts. Thanks.
  6. 2-perf conversion requires change of mechanical parts to change movement pattern of the pull-down claw. I think that it is better to ask experienced techs to do this. If I remember correctly, Bruce at Aranda Film (Australia) did some conversions like this, but shipping to and from Australia will be expensive. May be you'll find other workshop closer to you, somewhere in US. You may try to ask Slow Motion, Inc.
  7. I have BNC modified to accept Soviet lenses in OCT-19 mount :-) http://rafcamera.com/movie-cameras/cameras/mitchell-bnc-35mm-movie-camera Mirror shutter installed, so I'm not sure that it is suitable for your needs now though. I wanted $2950 for it, but now I'm ready to sell it for $1000 + shipping. Thanks
  8. Hi, Trevor. You may consider my OstCam mod of Konvas-2M listed on eBay currently. It is the best 35mm camera you can buy in range below $2000, I think. Price negotiation is possible. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140739029063 Thanks
  9. I'm in doubts that this will work. Front attachment has a focus ring only, nothing else to tight. Rear spherical lens has focus and aperture ring. No third ring to tight. Also, manual of similar NAS4 attachment says nothing about locking capability - just focus coupling and necessity to put the attachment onto dovetail support.
  10. It is supposed to work on a support only. So, the camera holds spherical lens, support hold the front attachment, and you get more-or-less steady setup that way.
  11. Not sure. Our tech did conversion of Temp lenses to PL few years ago. But they warned that there were 2 types of the Temp mounts - 'old and 'new'. 'Old' can't be converted, and I just don't know what is your mount type - they didn't explain details.
  12. It has mount for TEMP high-speed camera, most probably. At least, there is word 'TEMP' in the beginning of the picture name, and the mount looks like TEMP mount visually.
  13. Why, James? I'm not a film maker, but as I can see, many people adapting 75mm LOMO lenses to their DSLR's. There should be a reason, I suppose. Don't disappoint me since I'm just about to stock about 20 such lenses :-) What I'll do with all of them if you prove that they are evil? :-) As I heard, people use LOMO cine lenses to shoot HD movies with DSLR's. But not sure why - for swallow DOF, probably. Or due to image they give more suitable for moving pictures than image produced by still image lenses.
  14. Hi, Daniel. You can buy it here: http://rafcamera.com/english-manual-kinor3...mera-p-259.html
  15. Please PM me your e-mail. I'll send you an English manual for it.
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