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WAGES - What do location sound guys get?

Matt Pacini

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I don't know much about the union wages but non union day rates are between $550 and $650. Gear is ALWAYS extra. A good sound package for ENG (bag work) costs around $30,000 to buy. Film packages are upwards of $100,000. Gear rates typically start at a couple hundred per day for a boom, two wireless, small field mixer and audio being mixed straight to camera via cables. Additional wireless lavs, wireless camera hops, TC sync boxes, IFB kit, etc are al a carte and generally hired/rented as production needs them.


And keep in mind...not all audio gear is created equal. A Wendt X5 mixer is a 5 channel field mixer but it's a piece of crap. A Sound Devices 552 or a Zaxcom Nomad 6 are also 5 and 6 channel mixers, respectively, but sound far better and are light years better and more capable in the field.

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