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Lomo Anamorphic set for sale.

Adam Frisch FSF

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I've decided to sell my personal set of Lomo anamorphic lenses. The time has come to part with them. And before I stick them on Ebay, I thought I'd put them on here first.


All PL mount, marked in meters (but I have also taped them in feet), correctly calibrated, with Arri 0.8 gearing for focus accessories. They come in a custom built storm case from Harding (much better than Pelican), ready to travel. Recently serviced at Take 2 Films in London and now with me here in Los Angeles. Wonderful, good quality lenses that are the forerunners to the Hawks (anamorphic elements in the middle). Breathe very little. No scratches and no fungus. The set is 50, 75, 100, 150mm and it's honestly all you need. Yes, there are times when a 35mm would have been handy, but all the wide anamorphics bend terribly and can look a bit funny, so the 50mm (equiv to a 25mm spherically) is normally as wide as you want to go anyway.


Lens specifications:


50mm: T2.4, CF: just under 3ft

75mm: T2.3, CF: 3,1"

100mm: T3.4, CF: 3,3"

150mm: T4.2 /but should not be shot under T5.6 as resolution drops and chromatic aberration starts to show up), CF: 6'3".




I used them on the feature Shank I shot in London in 2009 and on numerous music videos and commercials.


Here's the trailer:


Here's a clip from the film where you can see how well they resolve. They're really solid lenses:


Here's an example on how they flare in a night scene with hard lights in the shot. For anamorphics they're pretty flare-resistant, but will deliver when provoked.


Highest bidder, but I'm looking to get a minimum of $10K for the set. I used to rent the set for $500/day and there were always people wanting to use them, so they can earn their money back pretty quick. Please email me via my firstname@firstandlastnametogether.com if you're interested and I can send some photos. Lenses are based in LA, but can be flown to any western state for a small fuel charge in my personal airplane. Or shipped. Thank you.


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