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DIT in training

Micah Smith

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I'm sure this question has been asked numerous times but I, like many others am trying to get into the camera union in Los Angeles and its extremely difficult to get there. I've data managed on a handful of jobs and actually got to DIT on a job through a director I know. Out of everything, I've only managed to be classified as "union" on one job and the PM gave me grief because he said he was going to get fined by the union for putting me on as union even though I'm non-union. I have heard stories similar to mine but the non-union DIT/data manager will offer to pay the producer's fine in order to get classified as union. I guess I'm just looking for the best way to get "in". Any advice/help/comments would be appreciated.


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1. DIT is not the same as a data manager, quit using them interchangeably.


2. There's no shortcut into IATSE local 600 for a reason. By being a 600 member, it's assumed that you are experienced and good at your job. It's not "extremely difficult" to get in. You just have to work enough days, apply, pay the fees.


The best way to get in is the right way. Quit looking for shortcuts. It's insulting to the people here, myself included, who are working 600 members and who have put in the work to do it all properly. If you expect to get the reward without doing the work, your path in the film industry will be pretty short.

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"I've data managed on a handful of jobs and actually got to DIT on a job through a director I know."


If you're new, don't worry about the 600 just yet. What the point of getting into the union, of nobody knows you to hire you on a regular basis.


Keep trudging, make connections with IATSE AC's, work in the smaller markets. If you're good, 600 status will eventually be a result. No rush.

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