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  1. After scanning the web for refresh rate answers, that same question entered my mind. In the past, approaching theatre employees face to face has been pointless, because nobody there knows what I'm talking about when issues get technical. Hopefully I can reach the right people. My only hopes are standards being raised at all AMC's, the more we speak out on the issues we have the better digital projection will get.
  2. Sometimes digital projection looks just fine to me, depends on the subject matter & style of film. Other times, it's mismanaged, settings are messed up, and it looks too much like my home TV. Went and saw "The Conjuring" last night at my local AMC. I knew this was shot on the Alexa, and I know the look of the Alexa well and what it's capable of. I assume they shot 24p, unless anyone has any data that suggests otherwise. I noticed it immediately when the WB & New Line Cinema logos came up. The motion was video'y, somewhere between the 24fps look, and the high frame rate look of "The Hobbit". Similar to watching 24p content on a high refresh rate TV set. So that's what I assumed I was watching, a projector set to a higher refresh rate. I felt like I was watching the SyFy channel. It's so bad, I'm writing a letter to AMC. I'm not at all interested in spending $12 to watch "public television" as QT would put it. Has anyone else been noticing this?
  3. I gave the 3D HFR version a chance. Sat through the first 5 minutes of the film, in anguish. And it wasn't because I'm "not used to it", I AM used to it, I'm used to seeing it on TV soap operas and daytime talk shows, which I hate. The VFX also seemed a lot worse as well, like watching a video game. Everything seemed like it was in focus, negating the 3D realism effect (something Claudio Miranda does really well). On top of that, HFR is still digital projection, and I just felt like I was watching television with a room full of strangers. Luckily, the auditorium next door was playing the 3D 24fps version, starting 10 minutes afterwards. Genius planning by AMC Theatres for those who couldn't stand HFR. So, I saw the movie. It was OK, more of the same from PJ really. Made me really wish Guillermo Del Toro had done it in the end. I was surprised at how bad HFR was though, but it made me curious about refresh rates of digital projection vs. film projection. If there were a film out of The Hobbit, printed and projected at 48fps, would it have the same "TV look"?
  4. Last time I worked with the F35 handheld, we had a Mantis handheld rig. Which simply slides into the bridgeplate. Then a monitor mounted in front of the operators face. What do you plan to record to? Having a separate recorder, unattached to the camera, will help you out weight wise. Just gotta play around and see how to best balance it.
  5. No. And if anyone seriously asks for one, do your best to resist the urge to laugh in response.
  6. Most productions will understand that too much on your plate means the footage is compromised, so communicate your concerns. Down the line, editorial is going to rename clips and organize them to their own liking anyway.
  7. Were you instructed by production or editorial to rename the clips? If you're just data managing, that's really beyond your responsibilities. My main focus is to just make sure the data's organized, safe, and I scrub it to make sure it's all there. If you're getting swamped in doing anything else to accomodate an Assistant Editor, I would bring it up to production. It'll save you a lot of headache and you'll get a much better night's sleep. What are they shooting on? Do you have to ingest to FCP and transcode as well?
  8. Hey Corbin I'm based in SF. I've personal messaged you my info. Jonathan
  9. Buy a UPS, like the Xantrex Backup PowerSource. Guaranteed, your power will become disconnected, no matter what the situation is. It tends to happen whether I'm working on a corporate job in an office or in a proper camera truck. Somebody eventually pulls my power without asking. Having backup power gives me a piece of mind, and always makes everyone else happy because they're not waiting on me to finish downloading and they can pack up the genny or do whatever they need to get out of here.
  10. The Sonnet ExpressCard to Thunderbolt adapter is ideal. If you have the Macbook Pro with the ExpressCard slot, you can purchase an eSata to Express adapter, and plug your drives in their. Perdy fast And if you're handchecking the footage, scrubbing through it, etc. What's the danger?
  11. Had to see the film in a pinch, digital projection, wasn't too fond of it, but what else is new. Plan on seeing a print, IMAX for sure, whenever sales calm down. First third I felt just had a lot of unnecessary exposition, especially from characters who didn't figure into the story. A lot of speeches that really could have been more about the shot & mood of the scene. But the film pays off. I really enjoyed it.
  12. "I've data managed on a handful of jobs and actually got to DIT on a job through a director I know." If you're new, don't worry about the 600 just yet. What the point of getting into the union, of nobody knows you to hire you on a regular basis. Keep trudging, make connections with IATSE AC's, work in the smaller markets. If you're good, 600 status will eventually be a result. No rush.
  13. I just switch my brain from the bottom of the focus wheel, to the top.
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