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Short Film on ACL

Jason Hinkle (RIP)

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The Eclair ACL is a great camera.

There's a South American filmmaker; Daniel Tonitto who's recently made a feature with the ACL. You can contact him on Facebook. The film is called X,Y&Z and is available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/22nRJ5SNdDY


You may be interested to know that the ACL was used, back in the late 70s, to shoot Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy, again available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/R8V0_uSCURM

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I've shot over 10,000 feet of 16mm with my ACL in the past year. One of those projects had a successful Kickstarter campaign that gave us the funding to film macro photography of live spiders. The ACL was crucial for that shoot - the crazy assortment of lenses I had for close-up work wouldn't have been available or affordable to use on any other camera.

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The short is a gem. Yes it's like an early Truffaut, (the hapless guy and all). Fittingly shot on and Eclair.

I have been shooting with Eclair for two years. First with an NPR which had a scratchy mag and now with an
ACL 1.5. I have a 10-100 Zeiss on it. I have been using Nikons lenses too but with C-mount adaptors. I sent the camera to Bernie for his laser brighten and other service. He said I shouldn't take off the T adaptor anymore. This means, I guess I need a real Nikon adaptor like Les Bosher makes. Are you happy with yours? What I really mean is... Is it worth the cost? I have numerous NIkon lenses and would like to put them to use on this camera.

Will post clips of a short called "Velocity" when I get them transferred.

BTW does your lab in Chicago make prints from color neg too?


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Hey Ethan, thanks for the compliment! Look forward to seeing your clips.


I like my Les Bosher adapter - it's extremely solid. I had a c-mount adapter as well which worked fine except it probably would not hold up to repeated punishment. If you happen to have one of the "standard" adapters that tend to come with an ACL for adapting to camflex or arri bayo - it's basically the same as those. These adapters all thread onto the outer ring on the camera mount (not the inner c-mount threads).


I might be willing to part with my nikon adapter actually because I sold all of my nikon lenses (I switched to canon for my photography so I traded in my nikon glass for canon).


The lab I use in Chicago is http://chicago.filmworkers.com/ - they're a full production house. They do work prints there as well as transfer to digital from your negative. Their standard rates are somewhat expensive because they deal with a lot of commercial work. But they pretty much always cut a deal for indie guys like us who are shooting Super-16.

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