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Timothy Kane

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This is a repost:


Sniper MK II

Infrared Range finder made by Adam Ward.


Second generation infrared rangefinder for

Focus pullers. (Use in the same situations as the

Cinetape but for me is much more accurate.)


The Sniper includes two control cables (sensor to the readout) as well as two 3 pin rs power cables (arri style) and two panavision power cables (24volt style)


It includes a case, manual, and Noga arm.


I bought it directly from Adam Ward.





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Hey Timothy,


..Am interested also. Same question as Dave; where about's are you located?


Also; ..query - is this system compatible with Lens control devices (ie. PRESTON), as is the case with cinetape? ..can the rangefinder's data be displayed on the lens controllers screen? Am having a hard time finding much info.


How long have you had the system, and when was it last serviced? ..also what is the price of a new unit?


Maybe a stupid question, but.. how does such a system fare in the age of digital cinema, with all the infrared contamination on CMOS sensor cameras?


Thanks in advance.

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