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  1. Selling my MDR2 because I recently upgraded to an MDR3. It has a normal wear and tear but still works great, I've never had any issues with it. Please message me with any questions. I will be in LA this weekend if you would like to pick it up or I can ship it. MDR 2 - Blue Dot, G4 $3200 2 ARRI Command 1 ARRI Command / Power Y Cable 2 3pf Arri Power 2 P Tap Power 1 Panavision Power 2 Red Epic Command 1 19mm MDR Mount Bracket - Not Pictured Spare Antennae - Not Pictured Selling my Cine Tape, I starting using a Sniper and don't use my Cine Tape enough to justify keeping it. Pur
  2. O'Connor 25/75B $7200 Was recently fully serviced by Transylvania w/ the Pan completely rehauled feels perfectly smooth! Includes: Eye Piece Leveler Europlate Touch and Go w/ 2 3/8th Camera Screws Pan Handle w/ Extension Front Box Bracket Tie Down Case Tango Swing Head MKII $5800 Includes Custom Pelican Case Includes Touch and Go Plate Cardellini Head Lock - $400 This amazing head lock replaces the tie down on your O'Connor 25/75 with a super fast quick release. Pan Handle for O'Connor 25/75 $200 This is a 1 piece Pan Handle, not a detachable 2 piece handle. Located in Los Angeles, Buy
  3. Hello, I am selling my Tiffen 6x6 ND Grad Set. SE 3,6,9, HE 3,6,9. I have had these filters about 6 months and they have spent the whole time in their filter case. The 6 SE and 3 SE have come out a handful of times. Hopefully this set can find a new home. Brand New $2688 plus tax. I'll take $50 off each filter. $2400 total for the set. I'm located in Los Angeles, if a local pick up is available that would be ideal. But I am willing to ship. Cash or paypal. Dave. Dave Edsall 1st AC Los Angeles, CA USA
  4. Hey Scott, Where are you located? Dave davidedsalll @ gmail dot com
  5. Timothy, Where are you located? I am potential interested, I would need to think about it. I had been leaning towards a Cinetape but perhaps I'll try to test the two of them. Dave
  6. Is this still available? Dave
  7. I could be interested. Where are you located? Please send me an email. davidedsall @ gmail dot com
  8. Hello All, I am looking for a Preston Remote Iris Control, the style that cables into your hand unit and then takes over control of the Iris slider separately. I am located in Los Angeles, edsall.david @ gmail dot com Dave Edsall 1st AC LA, CA, USA
  9. I am looking for regular ND filters 3,6,9, 1.2 in 4x5 & 6x6 in case anyone has an old set they are not using anymore and they are looking to unload them. Please let me know. Best, Dave Edsall 1st AC LA, CA
  10. I'm looking for a used Tango Head, Cinetape or 4x5.6 Corals, 4x5.6 Ultra Cons, or 138mm Ultra Cons if anyone knows of one that is available. Thanks, DE Dave Edsall 1st AC Los Angeles, CA
  11. Hand Held Films, a motion picture rental house located in New York City is looking for an experienced camera technician with experience in HD cameras (Sony, Panasonic, Red) and post-production workflow. Experience with 35mm & 16mm (Aaton, Arri, Moviecam) also desired but not necessary. . Individual should be detail oriented and able to work without supervision. Requirements include but are not limited to: - Provide technical support to clients. - Stay informed on latest products and accessories. - Prepare outgoing packages. - Assist and train AC?s during checkout. - Check in
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