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Godard Remake Lightning


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Hi everyone,

I have to make a sequence remake from "Je te méprise", a 1963 Godard movie. I don´t have many experience in lightning, so if anyone can tell me how the lightning setup was done, i´ll be much appreciated . This´s the sequence (only the firs 2 minutes).



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I was just kidding, bud. Of course the lights matter. His images would be black without them (albeit, something he might have done intentionally). Either way, it very much depends on what version of Godard you're talking about when you place how important the element of lighting was to the overall film. What I can synthesize from my previous comment is that, justifiably, I don't watch early Godard for the lighting. My advice was to first place your focus on your performances (which are requiring highly nuanced and skilled performers) and your camera movement second. Godard already worked out the structure and pacing for you (as I'm assuming the assignment is to recreate cut-by-cut, shot-by-shot the scene) so that incredibly important part is set. Then, work out your lighting. Just my thought.

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