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.r3d Workflow using AVID and Davinci Resolve 9?

Vito Huizar

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Well, as the title hints:


What is the best lossless workflow between the two? I edit my footage first then grade, it's just how i like to work. but having to render out of resolve when round tripping kind of sucks. Is there a way around it? I would like a way to work with the raw .r3d files until it is time to render the finished product.


I also use premiere CS6. Switch between premiere and avid. So if you found a workflow for either one i'd be greatful.





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About a year ago I wrote a blogpost about an AVID -> Resolve -> AVID Roundtrip. It was Resolve 8 at that time, but the workflow is the same: http://thirdeye.at/b...e-dec-2011.html


Thanks a lot. I've figured out a nice workflow that works for me in Premiere CS6, now that you shared this I think i'm all set.

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