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Is this forum dead?

Guest rndfilms

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Thanks, guys- dot net is where all the talk is (including Jeff "My 'Plaint is that Kinetta Vaporware Sucks Bad" Kreines)


Well - It's a catch 22 because it isn't like Jeff is out there promoting his camera to a mass consumer audience. He's letting people know he is working on something and I think the rest is fueled by the people who are excited by the idea. I think of vaporware more as when people are activily promoting something that doesn't exist. Visiting people's booth and paneling at a technical conference aren't really that active.


For curious people who are not in those forums - the current release scheule for his cameras are:


16mm version - November

35mm version - November 2007


The most notable interesting feature lately is some patent pending dynamic range expander which allows you to stop down to hold your whites then open up to expose the shadows.


I wonder if there will be any good tricks for decreasing depth of field with the 16mm version.


Anyway - it could all change, it's all R and D - which I'm sure you understand as your name is RNDfilms. :)

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I caught up briefly with Jeff at NAB.


He's made some progress with the Kinetta, but he's waiting on a reliable sensor. I put the camera on my shoulder and it feels nice, like a solid film camera. It's the only HD camera I've seen that looks like it would still work if you dropped it hard.


I asked him to visit us here in the forum from time to time :)

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