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High Speed S16mm Milliken Camera Package w/ Water Housing, Lenses, Bag & More!

Cory Matthew Lange

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Very Rare Super 16mm high speed camera package for sale. Camera shoots up to 200 fps! The Milliken's reliability has earned it the highest rating by cinematographers and assistant cameramen worldwide. Picture quality is exceptional at all speeds, made possible by the unique Milliken pin-registered intermittent movement. The register pin stops the film and locks it during exposure. The result of this unique movement is sharpness and steadiness that meets the highest Film and TV Industry standards. This camera has been used on multiple award winning surf films and by some of the worlds best water cinematographers. This is a complete package that comes with 2 lenses, water housing, heavy duty travel bag, and much more! I hate to let this gem go. It's very rare to find a complete S16 mint package of these cameras.


- High Speed Super 16mm Milliken DBM 4C Camera


• C-Mount re-centered for Super 16

• Camera aperture opened up to Super 16 specifications: (.295 x .492)

• Original camera timing light assembly removed.

• Camera rewired for RCA power plug.

• Intermittent film movement & sprocket rollers modified for single perf. film operation

• 2 Batteries

• Charger

• 3 Shutter Speed Options: 72° (installed), 140°, 160°

• 8 200ft. Empty Film Rolls

• 7 400 ft. Film Cans

• 64, 200fps Motor Installed - Additional 128, 400fps Motor Included

• Custom Built External On/Off Switch for easy use out of water


- SPL Water Housing

This professional housing is constructed of ultra light- weight aluminum, sheared and formed on a sheet metal press brake and then welded solid by a certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt- water corrosion. The housing is painted with an industrial powder coat paint. Depth rating is 15-20ft. This housing can handle any size surf you have the nuts to swim into.


• On/Off Switch

• Dual side detachable handles


- Milliken Boresight in Original Wooden Box


- Porta Brace Camera Bag

It's made from 1000 denier Cordura fabric with a comfortable suede shoulder strap. The lightweight, rigid-frame design provides maximum protection for your camera and accessories, and comfortable carrying for you.


- Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 17-85mm 1:2 Lens

Super sharp and fast zoom lens. Vignettes slightly at the wide end. Viewfinder Included to use camera on land with visual focus and zoom capability. Clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. The zoom lever is missing but doesn't effect the lenses operation at all.


- Computar 12.5mm 1:1.3 Lens

Sharp, Wide, and Fast. Covers the Super 16mm frame easily. Very clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. UV filter.

















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