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Arriflex 2c Filmmakers Package

Peter Char

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I have my Arriflex 35mm camera package up for sale. I have arranged it to be a film maker's production kit, so it comes with everything you need to get you going.


Here is an excerpt from the ebay ad I have up.



This is an ARRI 2C camera (rods, matte box, not included) with a flat-base crystal-sync variable speed motor, 50mm Schneider Xenon Lens, Vintage wooden Tripod & Arri 2c Friction Head and LOW RESERVE. Camera comes with Black and White video tap, for you, for your director and/or your actors too. With this kit you can make money with the satisfaction & quality that digital just can't offer you.

This motor can speed at 8 fps, 12 fps, 16 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps and 32 fps. It shoots rock steady 24 fps. It can run in either crystal-sync mode or variable mode. It can also run in reverse mode with the flick of a switch. This camera is light tight, I just recently ran a 400ft test roll successfully. No streaks, No light leaks.

Camera body with motor weighs less than 8 pounds.

This camera package includes:

- full 4-perf gate with a 1.37:1 ground glass and a fixed 180 degree shutter.

- tilting viewfinder with closeable diopter.

- color video tap with AC adapter.

- a new 12v Panasonic battery with 4-pin XLR cable

- battery charger for 12v camera battery.

- battery holder with shoulder strap and belt

- Lee Utterbach 400ft Ball Bearing High Speed Magazine

- Three Dust Caps for the lens ports and Lens caps for Schneider Xenon


All you need is film and you’re ready to roll!!

To help out any prospective filmmakers I'll even throw in a few cans of recanned 35mm which I’ve never opened to get you started.

200ft x Kodak 500t 5219 Indoor stock

190ft x Fuji 250D 8563 Outdoor stock

200ft x Fuji 500T 8547 Indoor stock


Check out the auction for more pictures and details here: http://www.ebay.com/...=item25791cf94f


I'd be willing to offer a special deal for members of the site, $2,500 for the whole kit. Considering The lens alone is worth over $500+ it really works out to be a sweet deal.


Let me know if you're interested, Thanks!

Peter C.

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Hey Matt, it's pretty standard for Arri IIC. I can't give you an exact DB level number but its pretty loud. Outdoors it's not so bad, I'd consider doing sound work with it (expecting to do some clean up work when necessary in post). Indoors you really hear it, it really resonates in small rooms.

Unfortunately the blimps are not worth it, the weight and cost go up very quickly.

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